Thai Massage & Bodywork is based in Marquette, Michigan, but travels throughout the U.S., Canada, and Costa Rica, teaching group and private continuing-ed courses as well as giving bodywork and breathwork sessions.

Our specialties are compression-focused Thai Massage, Thai Abdominal Massage, Chi Nei Tsang, Self-Massage, and Breathwork. Exploring, opening, and restructuring the body and breath are powerful tools for making lasting changes in our physical and mental bodies. In short, we aim to provide the space and opportunity for opening and healing on all levels, and for all ages and capabilities. Our motivation is to help people move through this world with awareness, grace, integrity, and a bigger smile.


Traditional Thai Therapeutic MassageTraditional Thai Therapeutic Massage is a full-body, holistic workout that involves the physical, energetic, and emotional bodies. Like other Eastern forms of healing, Thai massage is based on the idea that the body’s life force flows along channels within the body, and blockages in the flow of this life force or energy manifest as discomfort and disease. When energy is flowing freely along these channels, we feel energized, relaxed and healthy. By taking this ancient form of healing and adding the benefits of breath work, Shaolin Tendon massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy, deep tissue massage, meditation, and loving kindness, Christopher has developed a unique style of bodywork which is deeply transformative for both the physical and energetic bodies.

The sessions are 3 to 5 hours in length (usually 3 hours) and take place on a mat on the floor. The client remains clothed, except for occasional herbal compresses and oil used on a bare back. By using hands, elbows, knees, and feet, Christopher assists in releasing stagnant energy from main acupressure points along meridian lines. Christopher shares breathing and surrendering techniques throughout the massage, and clients participate fully by breathing consciously and staying present in their bodies.


Combining the deep bodywork and breath work greatly assists in moving and releasing energy, and enables a body to feel more free and light. Every session is different and is tailored to what that person needs at the time. The massage often leaves the realm of the physical body and taps into the emotional and spiritual worlds. Many people experience emotional releases (crying, laughing) as old tension, emotions, and congestion come to the surface. This style of bodywork is intended for people to make some shifts in their bodies and in their lives, or at least discover new things about themselves. It is very helpful for relieving chronic physical ailments and latent emotional conflicts.


Christopher shares breathing and surrendering techniques throughout the massage, and clients participate fully by breathing consciously into the area being worked on, staying present, and disappearing all at the same time.


In 1993, I walked away from my successful construction company in Evanston, Il, gave away or sold everything I had accumulated, and traveled to Costa Rica. On my return a year and a half later, life seemed to have stood still, but now I knew there was so much more than the illusion I had been absorbed in. This began my heart-opening journey into massage, bodywork and self-rediscovery.

For the past thirteen years, I have traveled annually to Thailand, spending 1 to 2 months, not only to get my own body worked, but to continue my study in both Thai massage and Life. I have worked with many teachers there, but I always return to Master Pichest Boonthumme.

I feel we all have a bag of “issues” that burdens us; some of us carry bigger bags than others. I am here to continually look through my own bag, and clean out what no longer serves me. Going through this process helps me feel brighter, healthier, and more capable of loving unconditionally. Receiving and giving bodywork helps me accomplish this.

I am passionate about assisting people in opening up their bodies, emptying the bags that weigh them down, and making life more effortless. (It’s easier than we realize!) Providing three to five-hour sessions combined with breath work has proven to be very transformative in this regard.

I am grateful to be able to witness the incredible power of deep, ego-less, spirit-connected bodywork and breath work in transforming peoples' realities.



This Wisconsin dairy farm girl explored many careers—wildlife researcher, veterinarian, landscaper, jewelry designer, dancer, yoga teacher, massage teacher, business manager – before realizing the common thread of these diverse interests.

She thrives on balancing and supporting the highest potential of the people and projects around her.

She is the organizer of this Thai Massage & Bodywork team who holds the container for the magic to unfold. And she’s a darn good breath facilitator, teacher, and masseuse to boot. Kate has been working with Christopher since 2001.

She has come to deeply understand and articulate Christopher’s unique massage skills which is an invaluable asset during the courses they teach. She also brings left-brain medical training, breath awareness training, and life-coaching experience to the mix.

Benefits of Deep Bodywork

  • Lasting effects

  • Relieve chronic ailments or imbalances (physical and emotional) in a short amount of time

  • Feel more grounded and content; Less irritable and anxious

  • Improve flexibility and athletic performance

  • Help detoxify the body and boost the immune system

  • Slow the aging process

  • Experience bigger smiles and many, many more benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do sessions require at least three hours?

Basically, because everything is connected. For example, if Christopher works on a block in the leg, much of the energy moves down and out of the knee & foot. However, some of it will move up into the back. Subsequently, the back and neck will also need attention to completely move the energy up and out of the body. Also, Christopher moves slowly, spending enough time on each point, allowing his client to breathe into the area and the muscles to release a layer of congestion. Christopher continues to hold or work the area while the client breathes into it again, the muscles and fascia release more, etc… If the massage is shortened, Christopher is unable to work as deeply and there is significantly less benefit received.

Many people have thought that three hours would feel too long, but almost everyone is shocked at how quickly the time seems to pass.

What makes Christopher’s bodywork unique?

The length of time spent and therefore, the holistic, full-body results. This allows Chris to go deeply into areas of the body which normally are not given enough time. Even people who have significant experience receiving bodywork are impressed with how different they feel after one of Christopher’s sessions.

Breath work. The addition of guided breathing completely shifts the depth of the massage.

The meditative environment. Christopher invites a space which allows many people to access a world beyond their thinking mind. This is the place where the most powerful healing occurs.

The combination of tending to the physical and energetic aspects of the body.

The learning environment. Most people discover new things about their body and go home with ideas for keeping their body feeling better.

How many sessions do I need?

Certainly this varies for everyone. Many people feel significant changes after the very first session. However, when someone really wants life-changing effects which hold, they will typically get three to five sessions every five to seven days.

The first massage or two generally cover the entire body. Subsequent sessions may involve several hours working deeply in one area.

“I attended Chris’s workshop and it has fanned the flames of inspiration and passion for the healing practice that is Thai Massage. It has made me rethink the way that i was taught and inspired me to tweak my philosophy and the way I practice. Chris and Kate shared so much wisdom and knowledge with us and he humbly declines the title of ‘teacher’…i wonder how he feels about ‘Master’, because he truly is.”

Mary Therapist for 15 years June 3, 2017